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Author Topic: Outcome of Adult Living Donor Renal Transplants in Different Era: Analysis of UN  (Read 512 times)

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Outcome of Adult Living Donor Renal Transplants in Different Era: Analysis of UNOS Database.
V. Whittaker, R. Gruessner, M. Laftavi, Z. Acun, A. Gruessner.
Surgery, State University New York, Syracuse, NY
Meeting: 2017 American Transplant Congress
Abstract number: A235

Background:Living donation is the potential solution to increasing donor donor shortage. This retrospective analysis of UNOS database analyses the outcome of living donor transplantation across 4 eras and report the results in adults .
Methods: Retrospective analysis all living donation performed in United States 1987 -2015. The period was divided into era 1987-1994, 1995-2001, 2002-2008 and 2009-2015. The outcome in adults transplant recipients were analyzed. Test of equality over strata by Log Rank and Wilcoxon Statistics for data analysis. P value of <0.05 was considered significant.
Results: A total of 114,620 adult patients were analysed. There was significant improvement in graft survival in adults with each successive era. Five year adult survival:76.6, 79.7, 83.1 and 85.4 with each successive era. 10 years outcomes:graft survival rates 56.1, 58.6 and 62.6% with each successive era. Trend persist in year 15 with 37.7% first era vs 39.98% second era. Rank statistics and test of equality over strata showed p value <0.0001. Living donor rates were 23, 35, 40 and 35% for each successive era. Median age 36, 43, 48, 50 with each successive era, donor age 37, 39, 41, 43 years respectively. Biological relatedness: 93.6, 76.9, 62.5 and 50.1%. T50% Living vs DD 11.6 vs 7, 12.2 vs 8.4, >14.3 vs 9.3 years in each successive era.
See [Table1] and [Figure1]

Significant improvement graft survival adult living donor transplants in successive era despite increased recipient, donor age and less relatedness. Further studies will elucidate the factors leading to improved outcomes.
CITATION INFORMATION: Whittaker V, Gruessner R, Laftavi M, Acun Z, Gruessner A. Outcome of Adult Living Donor Renal Transplants in Different Era: Analysis of UNOS Database. Am J Transplant. 2017;17 (suppl 3).

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