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Author Topic: Intense Pain 2 Weeks after Donation  (Read 179 times)

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Intense Pain 2 Weeks after Donation
« on: June 19, 2018, 04:13:26 PM »
Hi! I'm a brand new user and new donor.

I made the decision to see if I was a match with a colleague of mine. We found out that we were matches and signed up for the swap program.

The donation happened on May 31st (so just shy of 3 weeks). He got a kidney that was the best match for him and mine went to someone unknown to me in GA (i'm in DC).

My friend is doing great and I was too up until a few days ago. I was under the impression that I'd be back to semi normal after 2 weeks and was feeling it. Last friday (3 days ago), I was so bored and tired of sitting around so I staryed cleaning. I live by myself and don't have anyone caring for me so the house was getting gross. I ran some errands and was pretty wiped out. I rested the rest of the day and the next. I went to dinner on Saturday but was so wiped out after walking in, my friend had to pick me up because I couldn't walk back to the car a block away. I rested alllll day on sunday and started to feel better. Monday (yesterday) I took my dogs for a short walk which is something I've been doing since week one of the surgery. I could barely make it around the block. I had an intense stabbing on my left side where my kidney was taken. Its not exactly where the incision is but in that area.

The pain was excruciating. I was bawling and I'm not a cryer. I called the coordinator who had the surgeon call me. He suggested that I take it easy the rest of the night but to come to the office today and he would give me an injection to numb the nerves. He said I probably pulled something. I did but the pain has not subsided at all. In fact, walking back to the car was sooo painful. I'm now just resting on the couch but with every move, the pain is awful.

I'm sure I overdid it but am starting to worry. How long before this pain will subside?

The transplant center had me thinking that I'd be back to work by now and was supposed to be but there is no way I can. I asked the doctor today if this was normal and he said it wasn't. I even mentioned that one of the videos showed a guy back to running after just five weeks and the doctor said, yeah, you should be so I asked if I was doing too much. He didn't answer (he's very busy and his surgery went over so he was rushed)  but based on everything they've told me, it didn't sound like I was overdoing it.

Can someone who has been through this help me? I felt like such a nuisance today and like I was overreacting. :(

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Intense Pain 2 Weeks after Donation
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2018, 04:43:32 PM »
Hello Melissa,
I remember when I was recovering from my donation the only activity I did was walking for the first 10-12 weeks. I remember I pushed it one time and I started getting a pain on the side of my stomach. After that I took it easy again.
Everyone heals different so just listen to your body as best you can and don't over do it. I didn't start jogging until about 3 months and fully working out with weights and my regular workouts until about 6 months afterwards. That's about the time I felt like I could push it again.

It would also help if you could call in any favors to friends/family to help you clean your home as this can also be strenuous on your body.

Wish you a speedy recovery.


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Re: Intense Pain 2 Weeks after Donation
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2018, 05:21:05 PM »
Thanks, Adrian. That's reassuring. I just wonder why the center downplayed the recovery. I wish they would have made me aware of all the possibilities. I wouldn't have changed my decision but I would have been more prepared.

Thanks again. No more cleaning for me....at least for awhile.

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Re: Intense Pain 2 Weeks after Donation
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2018, 06:43:02 PM »
sorry you are feeling down. all the information i read prior to donating led me to believe that I would be off from work for 4-6 weeks and no lifting >10 lbs for at least 6-8 weeks. not sure what information you received. I also find that some surgical patients kind of think, oh that won't happen to me. maybe it is denial or protective mechanism that we use. I mean who would want to sign up if they told you, you would be out of commission for weeks! I guess that is why they make it sound so easy, go home after a day, back to work in a couple of weeks, you only need one kidney,no cost to you (sounds really easy until you do it). also, everyone is individual. Some donors have complications like bleeding, clots, nausea, fatigue etc. So while we hope it is smooth sailing everyone's experience is different and you have to plan. I kind of compare if to child birth. you will find those women who say, labor.. no problem I did it without drugs, then went right back to my routine. and some women who feel like they were hit by a mack truck.

now that you have experienced a little set back see if you can enlist some friends or family to help you out. You did just have major surgery so I would think they would be delighted to help. make a list of things that would be helpful like meals, walking your dogs, taking down the trash, laundry, shopping or errands. Maybe set up two weeks and see how that goes. During that time, take time for yourself, relax on the couch, walk around the block a few times to start then increase slowly, no heavy lifting (your just had a major organ removed), eat small frequent meals, drink plenty of fluids and basically take time off to heal from surgery.

Keep in touch with your transplant center and if things aren't improving make an appt to see them. you should be followed one month, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years for labs and blood pressure. also be in touch with your primary care so you can set up a visit there if needed.

Hope things start to improve and keep us posted.

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