Living Donor Buddies™ User Guide

Here is how the Living Donor Buddies program works from the perspective of a potential living donor seeking a Living Donor Buddy.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Think about the characteristics of a Living Donor Buddy that are important to you. Examples might include location, gender, and form of donation.
  2. Review the Living Donor Buddies entries, comparing the entries with your selection criteria.
  3. Choose a buddy entry that matches your needs.
  4. Click on the “Request Buddy” button at the top of the list, then complete the buddy request form including the ID of the living donor buddy and your full email address. Click on the “Submit Entry” button, which sends the information to the Living Donor Buddy Administrator.
  5. The Living Donor Buddy Administrator will reply by email with the name and email address of the Living Donor Buddy you selected.
  6. You initiate contact with the Living Donor Buddy by sending that person an email.

To find a Living Donor Buddy, select from the categories below: