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Title: The New French Kidney Allocation System for Donations after Brain Death
Post by: Clark on August 29, 2022, 10:23:37 AM

The New French Kidney Allocation System for Donations after Brain Death: Rationale, Implementation, and Evaluation

Benoit Audry (, Emilie Savoye (, Myriam Pastural (, Florian Bayer (, Camille Legeai (, Marie-Alice Macher (, Fran├žois Kerbaul (, Christian Jacquelinet (
First published: 24 August 2022 (

In recent decades the allocation policies of many countries have moved from center-based to patient-based approaches.
The new French kidney allocation system (KAS) of donations after brain death for adult recipients, implemented in 2015, was principally designed to introduce a unified allocation score (UAS) to be applied locally for one kidney and nationally for the other and to replace regional borders by a new geographical model. The new KAS balances dialysis duration and waiting time to compensate for listing delays and provides more effective longevity matching between donors and recipients with better HLA and age matching. We report these changes, with their rationale and main results. Results show improved HLA matching for young recipients and more rapid access to transplant for older recipients. Young recipients also had better access to transplantation. Transplant access decreased for recipients aged 60-69 and required tuning of KAS parameters.
In conclusion, our results strongly indicate that national or adequately broad geographic allocation areas, combined with multiplicative interactions between allocation criteria, permit multivariate optimization of organ allocation and thus improve national kidney sharing and balance HLA matching and age matching, at the price of longer cold ischemic times and more logistical constraints than with local allocation.