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Author Topic: Philippines: First kidney transplant patient in Zambo City doing well; influx of  (Read 4053 times)

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First kidney transplant patient in Zambo City doing well; influx of patients seen

by Michael Vincent D. Cajulao

The first-ever kidney transplant patient in the city and the whole of region 9, is doing well, along with the donor, said Dr. Michael Abutazil, head of Renal Transplantation of Western Mindanao Medical Center.
In an interview with PIA, Abutazil was visibly happy to see the patient and donor are responding well with the medication.
“The patient is doing well. His creatinin is back to normal. He visits me every week for monitoring," he said.
He said they are now tapering down the dosage of maintenance medicine intake and pointed that it’s a good sign.
Abutazil added that the donor is also doing well and is now back in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte.
“The donor visits us once a month, also for monitoring. This will go for six months," the doctor said.
After six months of monthly check up, the donor will be checked every two months, for two years.
“Hindi natin pwedeng pabayaan yung donor (We cannot neglect the donor). We have to monitor both," Abutazil stressed.
With the success of the first transplant procedure, Abutazil said they are now working out on six other patients for transplant.
“If all goes well, one of them will undergo the procedure within the next two months. We are looking to operate all of them in around 6 months. We are just waiting for the compatibility test," he said.
“We are working for one of the patients for possible cadaver donor program," he added.
When asked on the readiness of the city as the region’s center for kidney transplant, Abutazil assured the public that the city has enough facilities and technical specialty to cater patients.
“We have five nephrologists here in the city, including me, all of us are trained to conduct transplant," he said.
Abutazil said this will also help the city on medical tourism.
“I’m looking into the big potential of our city on medical tourism. Nearby regions and provinces will opt to come here rather than go to Cebu, Davao or Manila as it will be much cheaper to have the transplant here," he explained.
Abutazil pointed that the expense will be two-thirds lower here.
“The usual cost of the procedure is around P1.5 M, but here it’s only around P800,000 to P900,000. And they don’t have to fly to other places and rent a house for the duration of their stay,” he said.
“Again, we are already equipped with the knowledge and expertise, so we are ready for possible influx of patients. But of course, we have to keep ourselves (nephrologists) updated with the new trends on transplantation," he added.
Abutazil is also hoping for more support to realize all operations here.
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