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Author Topic: Psychosocial wellbeing after living kidney donation – a longitudinal, prospectiv  (Read 3683 times)

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Psychosocial wellbeing after living kidney donation – a longitudinal, prospective study
 Hannah Maple, Joseph Chilcot, Weinman, Nizam Mamode
 Transplant International

DOI: 10.1111/tri.12974

Living kidney donation (LKD) has become routine practice across the world as the gold standard treatment of end-stage renal failure. Whilst the physical risks and harms of LKD surgery are well documented, relatively little is known about psychosocial outcomes. The aim of this study was to determine whether it was possible to quantify the psychosocial impact of LKD. A prospective longitudinal study of 93 living kidney donors was performed. Data were collected preoperatively, and 3 and 12 months after donation. Questionnaires included 11 validated psychosocial outcome measures and questions specific to LKD. Over time, there was no significant change in wellbeing, life satisfaction, self-esteem, social comparison, distress, depression, stress, anxiety or social support at 3 or 12 months. Despite this, questions specific to LKD indicated that donors felt positively about donation, with low levels of regret. This study provides a thorough assessment of psychosocial outcomes after LKD over the first year. Donors felt positive about LKD although there was no evidence of any significant change in psychosocial outcomes. Despite no measurable psychosocial benefit after living kidney donation, there was also no evidence of harm.

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This kind of thinking I've never seen before.

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Interesting that they found no cases of depression. Of course, they studied only 93 donors. On FaceBook donor pages depression seems to come up with some frequency. I wonder what the actual percentage is of living donors who suffer depression?

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not a very comprehensive study. only 93 donors and followed only one year after donation. that is not long term.

What about donors who experienced problems after a year? they should go onto the sites of donors with complications. I am sure the data would be very different.
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Sometimes it helps to know who paid for the study.


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