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Author Topic: Improving value delivery in living donor kidney transplant through process impro  (Read 800 times)

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Improving value delivery in living donor kidney transplant through process improvement.
CONTRIBUTORS: Jorge Sanchez Garcia, Chloe Tien, Megan Fife, Brittany Dillon, Sean Dow, Zubair Zafar, Donald Morris, Sanjiv Anand

Living donor kidney evaluation has substantial time variations with significant intercenter variation. One-day donor evaluation has shown to be clinically efficient and improve transplant rates. However, patients’ perception of 1-day evaluation is unknown. We hypothesized that 1 day LKD evaluation will improve patient satisfaction and improve living donation rates.
All interested LD candidates from April 2018 to May 2020 were enrolled in the study. Non-directed donors, donors greater than 60 years old, and recipients with more than three donors underwent multi-day evaluation (control group) while the rest underwent 1-day evaluation (intervention group). An anonymous survey was filled by both groups to assess their perceptions on different areas including time, communication, experience, information provided, and their preferences on living donor evaluation.
Donor candidates in the 1-day evaluation group selected that the time from the questionnaire to clinic evaluation took “under 1 month” or “less than 3 months” (62.5% vs. 15.8%, p = .002), with “excellent” for both scheduling process (65% vs. 31.6%, p = .03) and communication (82.5% vs. 57.9%, p = .09) when compared to candidates in the multiple-days evaluation group. One-day candidates felt “very satisfied” with the overall experience (95% vs. 68.4%, p = .02) and felt “extremely well” with the information provided regarding the living donor process (87.5% vs. 47.4%, p = .003) when compared to multiple-day evaluation group. Regardless of the group, 53 (89.8%) patients preferred 1-day evaluation.
We demonstrate 1-day living donor evaluation is efficient, patient preferred, and adds value through improved communication, and better overall patient satisfaction.
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