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Author Topic: Lithium and the living kidney donor: Science or stigma?  (Read 1197 times)

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Lithium and the living kidney donor: Science or stigma?
« on: September 10, 2023, 06:08:28 PM »


Lithium and the living kidney donor: Science or stigma?

      Rachel A. Davis

Tyler Branagan
Christopher D. Schneck
Jesse D. Schold
Thida Thant
Bruce Kaplan
American Journal of Transplantation

Published:May 24, 2023

Nearly 10 000 people are removed from the kidney transplant waiting list each year either due to becoming too ill for transplant or due to death. Live donor kidney transplant (LDKT) provides superior outcomes and survival benefit relative to deceased donor transplant, but the number of LDKT has decreased over the past few years. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that transplant centers employ evaluation processes that safely maximize LDKT. Decisions about donor candidacy should be based on the best available data, rather than on processes prone to bias. Here, we examine the common practice of declining potential donors based solely on treatment with lithium. We conclude that the risk of end-stage renal disease related to lithium treatment is comparable to other generally accepted risks in LDKT. We present this viewpoint to specifically challenge the carte blanche exclusion of individuals taking lithium and highlight the importance of using the best available data relevant to any risk factor, rather than relying on biases, when evaluating potential living kidney donors.
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