Living Donor Buddies™

Living Donor Buddies is a program administered by Living Donors Online (LDO) that matches potential living donors with people who have already gone through the living donation experience. The program is based on findings from psychosocial research that show an improved living donor experience when potential donors are able to learn from and share experiences with an experienced donor.

Living Donor Buddies are volunteers. They have identified themselves as living donors who are interested in and available to guide a potential donor through the living donation process. They are neither trained by nor endorsed by LDO. The Living Donor Buddies service is simply a means of connecting potential living donors to experienced donors.

The steps for volunteering and for selecting Living Donor Buddies are described on the pages that follow.

If you are a potential living donor and wish to find a Living Donor Buddy, click here.

If you are a living donor and wish to volunteer as a Living Donor Buddy, click here.