Living Donor Buddies™ Participant Agreement

If you are a living donor and wish to become a Living Donor Buddy, you must read and accept the following statement.

I agree to hold harmless Living Donors Online (LDO), International Association of Living Organ Donors, Inc., and its officers and employees for any and all actions directly or indirectly arising from the use of the Living Donor Buddies program, including but not limited to interactions I have with any potential donors who contact me through the program.

I understand that it is my responsibility alone to provide and maintain accurate and timely information about myself as represented by my entry in the Living Donor Buddies program. I understand LDO reserves the right to modify or delete my entry, ask others for feedback on the quality of services I provide, and make that feedback publicly available.

I attest that I am a living organ, tissue, or bone marrow donor.

I understand that I participate in the program, including contacts with any potential living donors, at my own risk.

I have read, understand, and accept the Living Donor Buddies Participant Agreement.

I accept I don't accept