It’s Hard to Start a Letter Like This.

We got the news last August that my husband was in stage 5 renal failure due to the disease that runs in his family, polycystic kidney disease. It was shock in the beginning months, then with all the doctor and dialysis appointments it became real for both of us.  I saw the man I love who was always cheering me up and smiling, turn into a zombie. It was like for a while he had tuned out to the world, and to me. That broke my heart. I had no power over what was happening to him. And that was the worst feeling I have ever had.

I decided on my own that I was going to find a way to turn this around. I got online researching, talking, reading.  There was not much I did not know after a few months of this. I found that he could get a kidney transplant from a live donor or a deceased one. Wow, this is it I thought.  So, I looked more into this. And found out what I had to do.  Got that ball rolling fast!

Blood type test came back good. Cross match was negative. The 2 days getting tested I was approved! So, we set the date for Oct 11, 2013.  I would say I was nervous, but only thing I worried about was us making it through the surgery.  The surgery on my end was not easy. No surgery is easy no matter how invasive. You will be sore but it passes. My best advice for that, walk and take whatever they offer you for pain.

If I was asked if I would do it all over again, YES! I understand it’s not for everyone. But, if you could make someone else’s life better, wouldn’t you? I have my own road to recovery. Some days are better than others. But, then I just had surgery less than 5 days ago! Everyone told me how a big deal it was for me to do this for my husband. I didn’t understand at first. But, I gave him a new lease on life. And that’s something you cannot pay back to another human being. Maybe it’s just the bond we have, why I did it. But, I do understand now why it can be a big deal to someone who otherwise wouldn’t live a full and happy life. Instead, they stay attached to a machine 3 days a week. So wore out even on good days that they miss out on their loved ones life. Their life is that machine. Would you want that for your loved ones?

Our journey has been long, and rough. We can finally breathe and live. Thank you for letting me tell our story.

Ron and Dawn Towson