Jan’s Story

Felix came home to us at seven months old. At that time he weighed 7 pounds and couldn’t even hold up his head. He had been classified as “terminally ill, non-adoptable”. He was started on dialysis at 12 months old and we began talking about transplant. The docs planned to put him on the list for a cadaver kidney, as he had no available living relatives. I asked them to test me, in case I could be a match. I was told that it was unlikely, especially since he is Apache and Mexican and I’m of Eastern European descent. The Lord and Lady obviously had other plans, as I was a four point match!!

On August 31, 2001 Felix, age 19 months received my kidney. I had a laproscopic nephrectomy and was able to visit him in the PICU that afternoon. He spent two weeks in the hospital. We were roomies my last day as an inpatient, then I was able to stay with him the remainder of the time.

Now, almost three years post transplant Felix is growing well in every way. He is a bright, active four year old who is into everything.

I have had no difficulties post-operatively and am grateful every day that I could give this gift to my son.

Jan Windz