Peggy Donates to Church Friend

I’m so blessed to have been in the right place at the right time.  My recipient was a friend of mine from church.  We had gone through a ministry class together.  His wife, Marion, sang in the choir.  On Palm Sunday 2005, Marion stood up during a prayer requests and said that her husband, Willy, was declining in his struggle with kidney disease; their prior donor had changed her mind and Willy needed a kidney. So “if anyone is O+ and has a spare kidney, see me after church”. Willy was in the pew ahead of me, I leaned up and said, I have O+ blood, what do I have to do to be tested? – His response was instant tears and “You would do that for me?”  With out a doubt!!

The following Tuesday was my first blood test to see if we were a compatable – “Without a doubt!” we were.  From the first moment I told him I would be tested, I knew in my heart that I was the donor for him. At least five other people were willing to go and get tested that Sunday.

Three months of every test imaginable – I passed them all with flying colors.  At one point the transplant center thought we were brother and sister thats how close a match we were!  Everything was going smoothly, we met in Boston at the Transplant center for more meetings and tests.  Our surgical date was set May 23rd.  I went into a large conference room and 2 doctors and the head of the transplant center came in a closed the door.  In my wildest imagination, I couldn’t have known what was happening.  The doctors were canceling the surgery! They found “spots” on my liver!  No way!! “It’s nothing – I pleaded! He will die if you cancel this!!”  They continued on there mission to stop the surgery and make sure I was ok.  They were sending me to another facility to “check out my liver”.  In less than a week, the liver specialist told me I “had freckles on my liver!”. Great!!!  So when’s the surgery?? The transplant center rescheduled our transplant on June 3rd 2005.

We arrived in Boston the night before, had dinner and went to bed.  I prayed and prayed. Not for me, I was very calm. I knew this was the right thing, I was supposed to be doing this!  I prayed for Willy – that he would make it and lead a great fullfilled life!

The day of surgery arrived – a hug, a kiss, a “I love you” and we were gone.  I woke up in my room to Willy stand over me with his IV poll with at least 4 IV’s running, carrying his Jello.  He said “want to join me for some Jello”  Thank you God!!!!!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!

We celebrate every time we can!  Willy became a grandfather last year!  What a wonderful life!!

Thank God for the docs, nurses and everyone at the Transplant center!

The doctors said that I had dual arteries AND veins to Both of my kidneys!!

As for me….well, I just passed my LPN and will test for my RN in May of this year!  Willy and Marion are my biggest supports – NEVER A DOUBT!!!!  I love ya!!  If the opportunity knocks to be a donor – ANSWER it!  It will enrich your life in ways you never thought possible.

Peggy Pylypczuk – New Hampshire