Richard’s Story

I have been a surgeon now for almost 20 years.  My wife needed another kidney transplant after having three children.  I decided I would donate instead of her younger brother.  The surgery went well for both of us back in June of  2001.  However, sadly enough, the marriage continued to decline despite my efforts at reconciliation.  Discovering her extra-marrital affair has now lead us into divorce proceedings.  Having given the gift of life and hoping to strength our bonds, only to have been betrayed was more than any one should tolerate.  I know life will move on—my only regret is the pain and suffering of my kids who are in the middle of all this and too young to understand.  All that matters now is to help them cope and to continue to do the right thing for their sake.  It would be appreciative to find anyone else who has had similar misfortunes of altruism followed by betrayal.