Sandro’s Story

My name is Sandro Ferraro and I donated my kidney to my father in August 3, 1993, and up to this day my father is still living at 70, and I am all right also. There was only one side effect that really bothered me and to this day still does. It is the fact that I lost 17 to 20 pounds, and most of it muscle. But besides that everything is fine.

I returned to work after three months of relaxation and keep in mind that I had the operation the old school way. I have 58 stitches on the left side of my body and a piece of my rib is gone.

People say I am a hero but I say I had no choice, it is my father. Three years ago I lost my mother at 59 years old and it made me realize that I did not do the operation for nothing because my father is still alive today. In 1993 there was a waiting list of two years and when I went to see my father on dialysis, that was what made me decide to do it. Knowing today that the operation is so much better and easier than before, I APPLAUD the people who do donate an organ, and if life, especially one who is close to you, do not hesitate, save a life. It makes you and the person you save feel so much better and you see life in a whole new way.