Steve and His Brother

Just a brief tale about my fortunate experiences as a living donor.

My name is Steve a 40yr old, overweight, unremarkable Liverpool Lad ( The Home of the Beatles). I have two younger brothers both with kidney issue, Andy born with only one and Phil who has developed polycystic kidney disease, early stages. I had offered that if ever it was needed I would be happy to donate, I did this with much thought to risk or implication. A typical Scouser opening my mouth before knowing what I could be getting into.

18months ago I got a call from Andy saying he was on the scrounge (borrow), again not thinking, I said yes whatever you need. After a long silence he asked for the kidney I offered way back. So began the tests. My parents found out and also pledged to donate, after a while they decided to harvest from my mum. Several months down the line the hospital changed their mind and opted for my little kidney. So the tests began again. My brother lives in the Highlands of Scotland so this caused some delays. Eventually we asked the Royal Liverpool Teaching Hospital if they would take over. Dr Bakran and his co-ordinator Jean Shallcross took the case on

I have nothing but praise for Jean and Dr Bakran for their help and guidance through the whole process. I must also point out that as soon as my brother approached me I found this site as part of my research.The experiences that other people have posted (good and bad) helped me go into this calm and assured I had done the right thing and that in all probability, I would be fine.

Eventually after getting the go ahead from the Human Transplant Authority, the surgery took place 6th Nov 07. I had a right sided laparoscopic nephrectomy. I left hospital 1300hrs 10th Nov 07, without any pain medication but great support from my family and partner Jan ( she is my rock). Jan was instrumental in getting me up and about and getting me ready to return to work 8 weeks later. My brother has made great strides in his recovery and the kidney is so far functioning perfectly.

If I could do this again for my other brother I would, to me it was the easiest thing I have ever done, very little pain or effort on my part. My employer has also been great toward me over this and has helped with a phased return to work.

I was unlucky in that I have developed a hydrocele afterwards but a I will shortly have a quick procedure to correct this.

Dr Bakran, his team, Jean Shallcross and the Royal Liverpool Hospital Trust  “Rock Big Time”

To anybody contemplating this course of action, read this site, good and bad, listen to the surgeon and co-ordinator they are there to help, get fit (I didn’t, which made the surgery a little longer) and go for it.